Comedy 2013 - 84 mins

Jadoo tells the story of two brothers, Raja and Jagi, both wonderful chefs, who fall out so catastrophically that they tear the fabled family recipe book in half – one brother gets the starters and the other gets the main courses. Setting up rival restaurants on opposite sides of the road, they spend the next ten years trying to outdo each other. Unfortunately, both brothers can now only cook half of the perfect Indian meal – a fact that drives them both mad. A delicious foodie-comedy, Jadoo’s secret ingredient is its delightful romantic twist, for it takes the wedding plans of Raja’s beloved daughter – successful London lawyer, Shalini – to try and reunite the brothers, determined that together they will cook her the perfect Indian wedding banquet. Can the man bury the hatchet without pulling out their kitchen knives?

Director: Amit Gupta
Cast: Amara Karan, Harish Patel, Kulvinder Ghir, Tom Mison, Madhur Jaffrey
Producers: Amanda Faber, Isabelle Georgeaux, Richard Holmes, Nikki Parrott

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